For over 8 years, Sonnar has been helping technology startups, global brands, and small companies create impactful software solutions. Learn why they have chosen us and how we have helped them to change people’s lives.


Remote Signage

Remote Signage is a digital signage solution designed to communicate with an unlimited number of screens in real-time. We created a market-leading SaaS platform which allows brands to show any type of contextualised dynamic content. Our customers benefit from the most powerful, intuitive and flexible signage solution on the market to transform their digital screens into a potent communication tool.


Onno - Disinfection Gate

The Onno Disinfection Gate allows the fast and continuous disinfection of people in entrances and exits to hospital premises, nursing homes, supermarkets, airports, shops, industrial companies and any other place with a great flow of people.


Top Mobile Games

When combined, our games have accumulated well over 10 million total installs. With our games we try to deliver the best possible casual gaming experience. We strongly believe that every great game needs to have a simple and fun core gaming principle. All of our games are being developed and improved with this approach.

Google Play

Street View Car

In this project, our challenge was to make a device that you can easily mount on a car to record and store real-time images of streets in 4K with GPS data attached to them. We used the latest cutting-edge hardware, cameras, and fastest solid state drives in the market to make this possible.

Smart Home

Step into the future with smart home technology where you can control the lights, thermostat and TVs – all from your phone. A smart home also gives you a feeling of security since you can monitor it, even when you are not on-site. We have a wide range of smart home solutions that both monitor your home and help you get a clear overview of your energy consumption, which is good for both your wallet and the environment.

Private Procurement - Nabavke

Use Nabavke procurement software to collaborate more effectively on contract management, financial supply chain management & much more.


Social Network - Hometown

Hometown is an app that groups people based on their hometown. Its intent is to provide an easier way of creating a community of people with the same background who find themselves away from home for a short or long period of time.


Computer Vision

Nowadays, video object detection is being deployed across a wide range of industries. The use cases range from video surveillance to sports broadcasting to robot navigation. Object detection is a fascinating field in Computer Vision. It goes to a whole new level when we’re dealing with video data.

Safe Driver

Whatever type of driver you are, you can drive with confidence and control whenever you get behind the wheel. Whether you're roadtripping, carpooling, or traveling for work, Safe Driver device keeps you and your passengers safe and always within reach of help.

Naxi Radio Application

The client provided us with redesign which gave us an initial direction. Our challenge was to breath new life into the app and adapt it to modern users requirements and needs. We had to add new functionalities, beneficial for both client and user. That way we faced the task of giving the simple radio app some serious extra powers.

Naxi Radio

eLearning Platform

An online learning platform is a webspace or portal for educational content and resources that offers a student everything they need in one place: lectures, resources, opportunities to meet and chat with other students, and more. It is also an excellent way for the student and the teacher to monitor student progress.

Peterhof Education